About Us

The Vidyawati College of Nursing is part of Shree Shyam Shiksha Samiti which aims at bringing intellectual awakening and transformation in educational, economic, social and cultural field since 2004.


  • Vidyawati College of Nursing is a learning community comprised of students, faculty, staff, and health care professionals who support each other in providing quality educational programs and pursuing scholarly endeavors.
  • The institution is committed to prepare graduates in nursing to render quality health care services in the preventive, curative, promotive and rehabilitative aspects of health care at the national and international level with a global perspective.
  • We actively work to assure the provision of quality nursing care to vulnerable and under served populations.
  • We sustain a dynamic educational process that responds to changes in the health care needs of the community.
  • We employ creative teaching strategies for the promotion of critical thinking and ethical individual skills and talents.
  • We seek diversity in our students and faculty and value diversity in our community.


This institution is committed to impart nursing education at various levels to the underprivileged and socially emancipated, predominantly women folk, to enable them to become qualified nurses who will render their services at all levels and thereby raise the prospects for the betterment of the nation with their academic excellence.


  • The faculty of this college believe that graduate nurses will be able to apply nursing theories into nursing practice, education and administration.
  • The graduate nurses are prepared for leadership through positions in the college, hospital and specialty areas as a consultant, educator, administrator and researcher.
  • The faculty believe that the graduate program instills accountability and commitment in the learners to the society.
  • The graduate nurses will also be able to function in the capacity of public health administrator to implement National Health Programmes at the community level.

The Vidyawati College of Nursing is a Part of Shree Shyam Shiksha Samiti which goes for acquiring scholarly arousing and change instructive, monetary, social and social field since 2004.


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